Thursday, July 2, 2015

June in review: Not bad, considering I lost a week

Hours trained this month.
I'm a few days behind. I had an evening commitment Tuesday, errands yesterday, and today was a loooooong day of swim --> work --> run --> groceries --> garden --> finally home 15 hours later for dinner, relaxing and blogging. I have tomorrow off work, but as I'm writing this it's not even 10:30 p.m. and I'm already in bed with my dogs. Rock star.

June got off on the wrong foot. Driving to work on the 1st, my car crapped the bed. The next week was car shopping, previous commitments, being driven to and from work, and going out of town for the weekend. But I was able to jump right back into it by the following Wednesday, and while my mileage is still low for the month, I think it's respectable considering the circumstances.
Monthly swim totals.
June's weekly swim totals.
Swim: Not terrible, but I only got in 7 swims all month -- 5 in the pool and 2 in the lake. That works out to just under 20,000 yards, or 11 miles. I know that would have been better with reliable transportation, but I got in the water when I could and swam decent yardage when I did.

To compare: Last month I swam 10 times for just less than 30,000 yards, or 16.5 miles. But last June I swam 8 times for 15,750 meters (just less than 10 miles). So if nothing else, at least I am swimming more when I do make it to the pool.

Bike: 13 sessions, and only 1 on the road for 45 road miles. This is where life just got in the way, with going out of town one weekend, errands taking longer than expected another, and rain yet another.

To compare: Last month I was on the bike for the same number of sessions for about 45 minutes longer (so actually not too bad of a drop!) but rode on the road 4 times. However, last June I only rode 10 times, so I am getting in the saddle more often. And that has to be good!
Monthly run totals.
Run: This is where I felt like a rock star. Even though I only got in one run that first, crazy week, I still managed 125.5 miles in 15 runs, all on the road, for the rest of the month. My long runs are feeling good and I'm doing some decent speed work.

To compare: Last month I ran 135 miles in 20 sessions, so I'm running a few more miles here and there when I do lace up my shoes. However, the comparison to last June is night and day: Last June I only ran 46 miles. Now, I was out of town for a week last June, but still. I'm feeling much better about my run this year.

Side notes: I really considered going out for a 4.5-mile run after my evening commitment Tuesday, June 30, so I could have an even 130 miles for the month. But by the time I got home, I didn't feel like it. So I went to bed early and started the month off right with a 5 a.m. bike session instead. =)

And, I've run at least 100 miles every month for the past year except November. I'm pretty close to being on track of my goal of 1,500 miles in 2015, too -- I expect that when marathon training kicks up a notch, I'll get ahead of the needed average of 125 miles per month.

Other: I only did yoga once this month and nothing else. Blah! I just don't have the hours to make it work unless I start letting other stuff go. And, sadly, I do need that pesky job thing.

Other side notes: I hit more than 115 frickin' hours for the year trained in both bike and run this month. Holy cow!  That's almost three full work weeks. Each! For all that work, you'd think I'd be better on the bike -- haha.

It's going to be more of the same this July: Be consistent about getting in the pool and lake. Get my bike on the road more often and build my long rides to the 50-mile range. Keep running shorter during the week, build my long runs every other weekend and continue doing speed work. And for the love of God, do some yoga, strength training and pre-hab.

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