Wednesday, July 29, 2015

If you don't like the weather in Michigan, go for a run

With every run, a new adventure.
I got to sneak out of work a bit early today, so of course I headed to the running trail. It was hot -- I believe it was the first time this season that I started running with the heat index in the triple digits -- but the humidity wasn't bad and I had my Gatorade, so I figured I'd just take it slowly.

Of course, as soon as I parked the clouds started moving in. I heard a rumble of thunder. But being stubborn, and because I'd already spent a decent amount of time putting on sunscreen that I didn't want to go to waste, I told myself that the storm would swing south and headed out anyway.

The storm did not head south. I made it about 2.5 miles before the rain hit. But hey, no big deal! It had cooled down some! Splashing in puddles is fun! Sadly, my adventure had to be postponed when the lightning started and rain began coming down in sheets. I found a pavilion and hid out for about 20 minutes as the storm passed.

Honestly, it was nice being forced to sit for a while and watch the rain. No one was bothering me and I wasn't juggling nine things at once. I don't get much down time these days and I appreciated it.

Eventually the rain and thunder cleared out. I considered cutting my run short and just heading back to the car, but tough-loved myself into finishing the whole 9 miles. My clothes and shoes were soaked already, so what's a few more puddles? It had warmed up again by the end and gotten MUCH muggier (see in that last weather report the humidity zoomed back up to 85%). Thankfully, I had an extra shirt in my car so I didn't have to hit the grocery store afterward looking too deranged.

100-degree heat index, sheets of rain, humidity -- all in an afternoon's run.

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