Friday, July 24, 2015

A nightmare scheduling week and a home improvement project mean very little training

The current state of my living room.
This week – ugh! I try not to subscribe to the whole “working for the weekend” mentality since I hate to wish days of my life away, but man, is it over yet?

After having my highest volume training week in months, logging almost 17.5 hours of swim-bike-run last week, this week has been a scheduling nightmare:

On Monday, I was still kind of tired from Sunday’s swim, long bike and long brick, surprisingly, so I just lounged around all evening. Once you put on the Oscar the Grouch pajama pants, you’re not going anywhere else.

Tuesday was my only successful day! I swam in the morning, and later I got to leave work a few hours early so I snuck in a 9-miler before the commitment I had scheduled. But leaving early was the only way I made this work.

On Wednesday, I did a bike trainer ride in the morning and that’s it. I had actually turned off my alarm because I really, REALLY didn’t want to get out of bed, but when I couldn’t fall back asleep within 5 minutes, I guilted myself up and on the bike.

Wednesday evening, I had a dress fitting appointment for my sister-in-law’s wedding in two weeks (!!!), and it lasted all of 10 minutes. I COULD have turned around to head back home and do a run, but… my husband and I had already decided we’d made it a date night. And the pizza and ice cream we had (do we know how to party or what?) were pretty damn delicious.

Thursday, I was exhausted from staying up Wednesday night way later than I would have liked, but I still got up and hit the pool. But I had another evening commitment that ran longer than expected. So not only did I not get to run in the evening, but because of the late night last night...

... I didn't make it up in time to get on the bike trainer this morning.

Severely complicating things even further, we had insulation blown into our walls yesterday. In order to do this in our condo, we had to move EVERYTHING away from the walls, which included dumping my entire closet into a huge pile in my bedroom. We can't move everything back yet because we need to re-patch a few holes and sand. And now my husband has the bright idea to paint and maybe pick out some new furniture while we're walking around giant mountains of all our stuff -- and buried in one is my bike!

Even worse than that, the entire condo is coated in drywall dust, and my kitchen is pretty much unusable for the time being. Between the scheduling and the insulation, we've gone out to eat WAY too many times this week. I make this my solemn vow to get the kitchen clean enough to cook dinner after my run today! If I scrub off the stovetop and only use food straight from the fridge, I should be OK, right?

My next 70.3 is 30 days away and I can't get to my bike, cook, nor breathe for the drywall dust. I could barely find running clothes under all the piles. And now any time I would have spent catching up on meal prep or household chores is going to be spent putting the condo back together again.

Ugh! What do they say about the best-laid plans?

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