Sunday, July 26, 2015

This cycle's 18-miler was not without adventure

A bit slower than I would have liked. All my gear behind is SOAKED in sweat.
It made for a very early morning, but I got out of bed and did my 18-miler before any of the day's commitments.

Humidity was already in the 90%s when I started and I was dripping with sweat by about mile 5. I did get to see the sun rise, which was nice. I took a break at mile 6 to swap out my glasses for sunglasses and got this picture:
The Detroit River. (Canada to the left.)
I got to see a triathlon setting up, which was interesting -- I am never watching from the outside. After I finished my loop and headed back toward home, I noticed a ruckus ahead of me. If I were to continue with my planned route, I'd be joining a 5K! I considered the implications vs. changing my route, and decided to go ahead, try to stay out of the way, and not take any water off the course. I was already at mile 15 or so, so I'm sure I got some strange looks being soaked with sweat so early in the race, not to mention running a 5K with a Camelbak.

My shoes were squishing by then and I just wanted to get home. One person actually stopped riding his bike to laugh at me. I'm not sure if I should feel insulted, but it made me laugh at the time. I would have liked to run a faster pace, but considering the humidity (and tired legs from my 60-miler yesterday) I was happy with an average that started with 9.

This also made me happy:
Yes, please.
Getting up shortly after 5 a.m. on a Sunday isn't fun, but having the rest of the day to do whatever you want sure is. I've done big, important things today like goof around online, drink coffee and play with the dogs. (OK, I did get groceries, too.)

Now to rest the legs and prepare for the week ahead.


  1. It's been brutal on the other side of the state as well. My run paces are up 30-45 seconds b/c of this stupid heat and humidity. I ran 11 with friends yesterday and we started early to avoid the heat. 62 at 7:30, well over 80 when we finished!

  2. It has been frustrating! I only hope all this pays off with faster times in the fall.