Monday, July 20, 2015

Week in review July 13-19: Heat waves, schedule shuffling and aerobar mishaps

Boom shaka laka.
It was one of my best training weeks in a long time. I didn't do any "other," but I hit every single swim, bike and run workout on the schedule. Yes!

I finagled my schedule a bit to do my long run (a step back 12) Saturday morning before brunch and errands, and before the heat advisory kicked in. In the afternoon, my husband I headed to our club's pool to lounge. I did put in a mile of actual swimming between lounge sessions, only running into one drunk guy.

That meant I did my usual Saturday swim-bike-run on Sunday, instead. I got a decently early start and had most of my miles biked before the crowds hit the park for the beaches, my main goal.

Ideally I'd do swim-bike-run on Saturday and long run-recovery swim on Sunday, but with the farmer's market on Saturday only and my long runs getting longer, it's going to be trickier and trickier to make work. Well, one way or the other, I only have four more weekends of training until race day, so I won't have to worry about scheduling for very much longer.

Swim: FOUR times, three times in the pool and once in the lake, for about 10,350 yards in just less than 4 hours. It may be the first time this training season I've swum four times in a week, not counting the weekend I did two races that each included a swim.

Bike: Four times, three times on the trainer and one 50-mile road ride, for a total of about 6 hours, 20 minutes. I almost gave up on the ride since my aerobars worked loose, but I'm glad I gave it try.

Run: Another monster week: Six times, all on the road, for a total of 45 miles. That works out to two half-easy, half-speed runs; one actual easy run; one medium-distance; one 6-mile brick after my 50-mile bike; and one long run, a step back of 12 miles. I did all of that in 7 hours, 1 minute. I couldn't shave 10 seconds off each run??? Ha! 45 miles is second only to the 46.5 I ran last week this training cycle.

Other: Nothing. This was enough.

Total: 14 sessions in SEVENTEEN HOURS and 17 minutes. Wowee! Not my greatest week, but I'm sure it's second or third place.

I'm already off to a slower start this week, taking it easy after my monster weekend, but I plan on jumping into it tomorrow. I have some evening commitments, so I might miss and easy run or two, but I'll get the big ones knocked out. Quality over quantity, right?

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