Monday, July 6, 2015

Week in review June 29-July 5: An extra day and ending on a high note

Pretty even training ratios across the board.
I took advantage of an extra training day this week with the long weekend. I may not have gotten up as early as I wanted to, but I had a solid bike ride, some decent run miles, and my best swim volume in a long, long time.

That swim volume was mostly due to two races Sunday, an open-water mile and a run-swim-run Aquathlon. I'll get the race report up soon, but the TL;DR is: Set your expectations low and you'll be pleasantly surprised when you exceed them.

Swim: Five times, if you count the races as two separate swims: Twice in the pool, one training swim in the lake, and two races in the lake. This works out to be just under 11,000 yards in just more than 4 hours, which is probably my highest-volume swim week ever.

Bike: Three times, twice on the trainer and one great 52-mile ride on the road, for just more than 5 hours. I saw an average speed I haven't seen in a long, long time on my road ride, so I am hopeful that I am making progress.

Run: Four times, all on the road, for 29.5 miles in about 4.5 hours. I mean, I would have thrown another half mile on somewhere had I know it was going to be THAT close. That worked out to one medium-distance run, one easy run, one (painfully) long, slow distance, and one race that included 4K (about 2.5 miles) total running.

Other: Nothing. I could have gotten in some stretching after my race Sunday, but instead I took a glorious 2.5-hour nap.

Total: 12 sessions in about 13 hours, 40 minutes.

Not a bad little week. Sadly, most weeks I do have to work five days, but I'm happy to take advantage of some free hours here and there when I do get them. It might be for a 2.5-hour nap, but I'll take advantage one way or another!

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