Monday, June 8, 2015

Week in review June 1-7: Basically, a waste of a week

Blank training log pages give me the sads.
Welp. I knew it was going to be bad, but this past week ended up really, really bad.

It wasn't my fault that my car pooped the bed on Monday and I lost an evening of training to car shopping. By coincidence, or maybe the stars misaligning, I also had two personal meetings last week, which ruled out two more training evenings. And most of the nights went so late I couldn't get up early and still function the next morning. I had no means to get to the pool, anyway.

To top off my timing nightmare, I lost the weekend because Friday morning I headed out of town for my sister-in-law's bachelorette shenanigans. Now, I don't regret this at all! We had a blast and (hopefully) you only get married once. Plus, I walked all over the place, so it wasn't a total loss health-wise. But I couldn't fit in any formal training.

So for the week, I have a total of a whopping three workouts: One seven-mile run on the ONE evening I had free, one hour-long ride on the trainer the next morning, and one 45-minute yoga session while watching Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley Sunday evening. And that's it.

It goes without saying that June is off to a slow start. But good news: I signed paperwork on a car today, which means I'll be independently mobile for after-work runs and before-work swims. And I don't have any more personal meetings for a few more weeks. And I don't have any more bachelorette parties scheduled in the near future.

I'm trying to put this week behind me and move on to the next. Here's to picking up steam for the rest of June.

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