Monday, June 22, 2015

Week in review June 15-21: Lots of running and decent swimming and biking, too

Run, run, run (and bike and swim)
It wasn't a bad week. I got in a decent number of swims and bike rides, and I had another HUGE running week. Sadly, I didn't do any other workouts, but considering a decent amount of time was spent with my father and father-in-law, I will happily take the trade-off.

Here's how my week shook out:

Swim: Twice in the pool and once in the lake for a total of about 7,600 yards in just longer than 3 hours. I forgot my Garmin Swim one of those pool days and had to estimate time and do sets short enough where I wouldn't lose count.

Bike: Three times on the trainer and one 45-mile road ride for almost 6 hours of saddle time. I discovered that my bike doesn't fit in my new car's trunk without taking both wheels off, and I was paranoid the entire first lap of the park that my rear wheel would fly off at any second. After pulling over TWICE to check things out, I was finally satisfied and could put some real work in. My mph average is higher on the same route than this time last year, so that's a success.

Run: The star of the week, again: Five runs, all on the road, for a total of 41.5 miles in just longer than 6.5 hours. That works out to two easy runs, one medium-distance/medium-pace run, one speed run (half-mile repeats), and one long run (13 miles). And, that makes for another 40+ mile week! Holy cow! I definitely was feeling heavy legs during my speed run Friday, and yesterday's long run was a little slower than I would have liked. But, that could have been from the heat and humidity or the occasional trail/dirt/gravel I had to run on as much as it could have been from fatigue.

Other: Nothing.

Total: 12 sessions in 15.5 hours. Nice!

With everything else going on, especially celebrating Father's Day with my dad Saturday evening and my father-in-law Sunday afternoon, I'm happy with these numbers. Of course I could have stretched, could have lifted weights, could have done this or that... I could also win the lottery, marry rich, inherit a few million, etc. So I'm pretty happy with the week overall.

Hopefully, this means the summer is off to a strong start. Now, to keep the momentum going.

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