Thursday, June 4, 2015

May in review: Yay, some good news!

Hours trained this month.
I've been crabbing all over this blog lately, so let's get the bad news out of the way: My vehicle in fact IS in as bad of shape as previously thought, so it looks like some new wheels are in my future. I want a hatchback for easy triathlon equipment transportation purposes, but I need something fuel-efficient (so no SUVs or CUVs). My favorite so far is the Focus hatchback. Any suggestions?

OK, on to the good news: May wasn't terrible! I swam a bunch and ran a bunch and rode not quite as big a bunch but still spent some quality time in the saddle.

Monthly swim totals.
Swim: A great month as far as yardage. I swam 10 times, 7 in the pool and 3 times in the lake, for about 29,250 yards in just more than 11 hours. I came in about a quarter mile less than I swam in February, my only other 17-mile month in the past year. (I don't necessarily track in miles, but Daily Mile does, so there ya go.) Hooray!

Weekly bike road mile totals.
Bike: Biking is a little more hit-and-miss year-round because of our fabulous Michigan winters, but I was pretty steady with getting out there and riding for May. In addition to 135 road miles over 4 weekend rides, I hit the trainer 9 times for a grand total of about 18.5 hours in the saddle.

Compared to last May, I did the same amount of trainer rides and one more road ride. Compared to April, I did a bit less trainer time. But I got out on the road more, which I think is more important. This gets a Hooray! too.

Monthly run totals.
Run: I had the most success this month with running. It was my best month of the year so far and tied for the second-highest mileage month in many, many months. I guess 135 is my lucky number with that total being the same for both road miles and running miles in May.

This worked out to a whopping 20 runs this month, 17 on the road, over almost 21 hours in my running shoes. Weirdly, for every other month so far this year I've ran 18 times. I guess May was the boost I needed for those two extra times?

I'm happy to see I'm running my goal of at least 100 miles every month but I'm barely on task for my goal of 1,500 miles in '15. I expect to bump the mileage up a bit more as I seriously start my marathon training. But for now, a Hooray!

Other: Eh, not a great showing this month. However, I have started to get into the habit of doing yoga stretches each Sunday night during Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley. (Of course, just in time for the seasons to be wrapping up.) I did a couple weights videos but it was nothing to write home about.

Race weight: I have no idea what I weigh right now and honestly, I'm a little scared to see. Post-race eating, holiday weekends, sister-in-law's bridal shower and stress because of my car breaking down are NOT helping, I'm sure. My pants still fit, but I don't think that alone is worth a Hooray.

Overall, I'm happy with what I accomplished. Of course I could have done more, but I think the hours I did put in were quality. I ended the month sane and neither divorced nor injured. Hooray!

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