Monday, June 15, 2015

Week in review June 8-14: Mediocre swim and bike but a MONSTER run week

Yes MONSTER in all caps.
I finally feel like I'm starting to get back into my routine. I am independently mobile again, for one. I did have a setback in that it rained for most of Sunday, but I braved the only two-hour rain-free window and got my long run done, 90% humidity be damned.

A full half of my training time was spent running this week. Somehow, I managed a 40-mile week. The last time I was pulling that kind of weekly mileage was when I was wrapping up training for my last marathon.

Swim: Only once this week, for 3500 yards in the pool. I was out late buying my car Monday night and didn't make it to the pool Tuesday morning. And I got delayed with errands and going out to breakfast with my husband Saturday and didn't make it to the lake. Blech.

Bike: Three times this week, all on the trainer, for 4.5 hours total. The errands and breakfast I got delayed for Saturday also meant I didn't have time to get out to the state park and ride. But I DID put in 2.5 hours on the trainer instead. Not ideal, and mentally very challenging, but I did what I had to do. (After finishing The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, my current bike trainer series is Deadwood. Believe it or not, I've never watched it all the way through.)

Run: I managed five runs this week for a total of 40 freaking miles in about 6 hours, 20 minutes. Holy. Cow. That works out to one easy, one medium slow distance on a very hot day, one short and speedy easy-ish, one actual speed (descending miles), and one long slow run.

I got a late start Tuesday because I had to wait to for the truck to tow my old car home, but I squeezed in 5 good miles before dark. Wednesday was 91 degrees when I started and I wasn't breaking any records, that's for sure. But I played it smart by slowing down and taking extra drink breaks. Friday's speed run was another hot one, although not as bad as Wednesday, so I decided to try to descend miles and see what happened. I managed a respectable-for-me 8:27 for the last.

Sunday's run was a whole 'nother adventure. It was raining all day, so I ran errands, lingered over an iced coffee, and relaxed for a bit. Then -- the clouds parted at about 4:30 and I decided to go for it. It was HOT and MUGGY -- 90% humidity when I started. I was drenched in sweat by mile 4 or so and the salt started appearing on my clothes by 6-7. But I chugged on. Not too fast, stopping when I needed to, refilling my water bottle once, getting rained on for a little bit. I was able to do all 13 miles feeling strong although I was literally soaked through and dripping sweat by the end. Chalk that one up to mental training!

Other: Nothing. I just ran out of hours.

Total: 9 sessions in 12 hours, 13 minutes. Not a bad week at all!

I would really just like to get through this coming week without incident. No car trouble, no severe weather, no meetings taking up my evenings, no bachelorette parties: just me, my bike, my pool and my running shoes.

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