Thursday, June 25, 2015

June's swimming time trial: I'll take even this small improvement!

Slow and steady progress.
This month's time trial snuck up on me. It was only a few days ago I looked at the calendar and said, "Wait... it that the last Thursday of the month already???"

This month has been borderline disastrous, swimming-wise. My car died early in the month, so I lost two early morning pool swims due to car shopping and buying the nights before. Plus, I had no means to get to the pool at 5:30 a.m., anyway. On top of that, I missed two lake swims because of a bachelorette party out of town one weekend, and rain throughout another weekend.

As a result, I wasn't expecting anything anything super speedy this month. Honestly, I was hoping for "not as slow as last month." So, I was pleasantly surprised to see an improvement of 15 seconds from May's time trial. It's not a lot, but it's SOMETHING. I'll take any victory considering how little time I've actually spent in the water these last few weeks!

(It's kind of hard to see my times in the image, but they work out to:
25:32/1000 meters for 2:33/100 in January;
21:27/1000 meters for 2:09/100 in February;
21:53/1000 meters for 2:11/100 in March;
22:11/1100 yards for 2:01/100 in April;
23:21/1100 yards for 2:07/100 in May; and
23:06/1100 yards for 2:06/100 in June.
It got a little confusing switching from a meter to a yard pool, but I figured it was close enough.)

February and March were my best months volume-wise so far this training cycle, so it makes sense that I would be swimming faster for those month's time trials. (I really don't have an excuse for May.) I mean -- swim more and get faster? You're kidding me!

Assuming I take time off from swimming and biking after my last triathlon of the season, I won't have many more time trials left this year. I'm going to keep chipping away at it and hopefully end on a high, fast note.

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