Sunday, June 28, 2015

This may have been my best speed run ever.

Friday was speed run day! I try to rotate descending miles, half-mile repeats and quarter-mile repeats, and quarter miles were up in the rotation. I think I hate these the most since, although they are over quickly, they just keep coming and coming.

I've been feeling good doing 7-8 miles of speed work runs, with the first and last mile-ish as warmup and cool down, and the middle 6-ish as actual speed work. Friday was a clear, not-so-humid day and I had had a rest day the day before due to an evening commitment. And, I'd had a very large iced coffee earlier in the day. I had energy, my legs were fresh and I was rarin' to go!

The warmup mile felt good and I got to work. The first repeat clicked over at just under 2 minutes. OK! That's a sub-8 pace, hooray! Then they all started clicking over at under 2 minutes. Can I really hold them all at a pace beginning with 7? Another one and another one, done. Turn around. Head back. More sub 2-minute repeats. And I was still feeling good. In all, I did 13 before my 0.75-mile cool down. The last one was tough -- I did have to stop for a few seconds afterward or risk barfing.

I've had several runs a few years ago where I've done 4-7 quarter-mile repeats in the sub-8 pace range, and I think I've logged one magical sub-7 pace quarter-mile repeat, but I've never done 13 sub-8s in a row. Lucky number 13, I guess! Of course, I was covered in salt and sweat by the end, and my legs were trashed for the rest of the day, but still. It felt awesome.

I really hope this is a good sign for the rest of the season. Running fast, hooray!

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