Monday, April 3, 2017

Week in review March 27-April 2: Fitness vs. Fun, Family, Friends and Feeling Frail

Run a lot, yoga a bit.
Do you like my fun title? Last week was typical in that I had a strong start, then got distracted by events, family and friends as the week went on. Feeling like you-know-what for a few days didn’t help, either.

It started off well: Monday I went for a nice run with my husband and even did some yoga. Tuesday I went for a speedy run fueled by some anger from a bad day, but I came back feeling like a new woman and was happy to see some fast-for-me paces.

Wednesday is my usual weights video or barre night but I got a text from my friend in the morning wanting to go to Jay and Silent Bob Get Old downtown that evening. I’m a huge Clerks fan but originally didn’t want to go on a school night…. But she and my husband talked me into it. We made it a fun evening out and although I was exhausted the next day it was totally worth it.

I wasn’t planning on running Friday so I did 6 speedy miles Thursday to round off at 75 for the month; it was my lowest mileage month since September but I’m totally OK with that. Everything must have caught up with me on Friday because I felt like absolute garbage all day. I considered calling in sick which I NEVER do. I was so tired my eyes were burning, I was sniffly and had a sore throat, and just felt lousy. Was I was fighting off a cold, just exhausted, or starting to get hit by seasonal allergies (yay)? Who knows. After work I laid in bed for a while before rallying long enough to make a quick dinner and go to bed early.

Saturday I felt better but not great, so I did plenty of lounging around and relaxing. I was right at the point of no return for deciding whether to get up and do some kind of workout vs. crawling back into bed and committing to being a lazy bum (don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about) when I got a text from my uncle that he and my cousins were heading into town. Well, that solved that problem for me. We actually had a nice time visiting and walking around the neighborhood, but I did lie down and snooze for a bit after they left.

By yesterday (Sunday) I was feeling like myself again. It was a full day of food prep and errands, and I managed to squeeze in a 10-mile run before heading over to our friends’ house for dinner. If taking it easy Friday and Saturday helped me to feel better on Sunday, than I’m glad I did. Plus, it felt good to be able to bang out a 10-miler for the first time in 3 weeks, feel perfectly fine, and keep a decent-for-me pace. It was gorgeous weather and I was happy to be outside running in it.

By the numbers, it was:

Run: Four times, three outside and once on the treadmill, for 27.25 miles in about 4:26. Honestly, this is a lot better than I was expecting mileage-wise. Getting in a few solid runs during the week goes a long way.

Yoga: Once for 15 minutes. Meh.

Total: Five sessions in about 4:40. I lost a total of three days between events and not feeling great, so this still works out to more than an hour each day I did anything. But still, it’s not a lot.

I don’t have anything planned this week and because I’m totally lame I’d like to keep it that way. If I can lift weights a couple of times among some running that would be great. If I can make it to the pool that will be awesome. If I can do some yoga and pre-hab too I’ll be amazed with myself. Let’s see what happens.

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