Saturday, April 1, 2017

Looking back at March: Not great running but some other good stuff

March training by hours, ish.
I didn't hit many of my goals for March. I didn't run 100 miles, I didn't do yoga twice a week, I didn't do as much pre-hab as I wanted.

But, although my run numbers were down, I did a lot of building up in other areas. I managed to lift weights 6 times, twice as much as for February. And I finally added some biking back into the routine.

By the numbers, I managed:

Runs: 13 total, 8 on the treadmill and 5 on the road, for 75 miles in about 12.5 hours.

Like I said in my previous post, part of the reason that I have low speed and mileage is because I've been running with my husband a lot, and I'm totally OK with that. Between that, and missing runs here and there, and recovering from my quadruple race weekend, that chipped away at my goal. I'm a little bummed but not going to dwell on it. I'm still ahead of a 100-per-month goal for 2017.

Weights: 6 times, working out to 3 heavy/body sessions, 2 barre classes, and 1 video, in just less than 7 hours. This averages out to 1.5 times per week, so I'll take this as a mild success. I got out of the rotation once or twice, but was able to bump up a few weights and reps over the course of the month.

Bike: 3 times, all on the trainer, for 2:30 total. 2 of these were warmups for weights, and the last was an actual 1.5-hour workout. It does feel good to get back on the bike and work some different muscles again.

I decided I am going to get more serious about training and just spent my REI dividend on a new computer, a cadence sensor and a speed sensor. More to come.

Pre-hab: 4 sessions, 3 on my own and 1 runners' clinic, for about 1.5 hours. This was pretty far off my goal of 3 times per week, which is a big bummer. But... it's still twice as much as I did in February, so I can't be too bummed.

Yoga: 3 times, all self-guided, for 1 hour total. Like everything else, I would have liked to do more, but at least I did something.

Total: 29 sessions in about 24.5 hours. When I look at it that way, that I averaged something almost every single day, I feel a bit better.

Overall, a decent month. As always, I'm limited by hours in the day and just need to do the best I can. On to April.

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