Thursday, April 27, 2017

Water woes

It was a beautiful day yesterday and I was lamenting working in a cubicle. When I was done for the day I skipped out of the office and headed to the trail. I am trying to be safer by not running the same route every day, and wanted to shake it up a bit anyway, so I parked at a different location and headed the opposite direction.

I wanted to do at least an hour which is usually about 6.25-6.5 miles for me. I didn’t bring any water because fountains are scattered along the trail. I started out, concentrating on good form, and was pleasantly surprised to see an easy first mile beep at 9:13. I am amazing! I am getting faster! I love running!

But as I kept running, my thought process turned to, “Dang, it’s hot!” My miles started getting slower. And I started thinking… am I SURE there is a water fountain on this trail???
Ugh... it's HOT!
Like an oasis, at the 3.4 mile mark, there appeared a restroom and water fountain building. “I guess I am doing 6.75 today!” I thought. I took a break to enjoy a nice drink and headed back. I wasn’t overheated, but I was definitely warm. Obviously, it's early in the season and I’m not acclimated yet.

Public service announcement: When in doubt, bring the water! Michigan weather is a fickle beast and there is just as much chance getting overheated as there is getting snowed on in April.
Partly cloudy, mostly sun beating down on me.

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