Monday, April 17, 2017

Week in review April 10-16: Not a very “hoppy” Easter week of training

This week is difficult for me to look back on. It was yet another week that started off great and devolved into a disaster training-wise. By the time I headed to bed last night I was frustrated with myself, my training, and how I just can’t seem to get my act together to string together a decent week of workouts.

I had run long the Sunday before so Monday was a nice trainer ride playing with my new toys. Tuesday and Wednesday I went for jogs around the neighborhood with my husband. Our last miles were a 10:04 Tuesday and a 9:52 Wednesday, which may be the fastest miles he has ever run. I am very proud of him and glad that I am rubbing off on him =) to come over to the dark side and become A Runner.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday can be summed up with: Emergency errand making me miss barre, family plans most of the day, regular Saturday errands and another emergency errand but at least I squeezed in a trainer ride, and family over for Easter. I could have gotten up at my usual 5:55 a.m. but, honestly, I didn’t want to on my days off. I could have canceled plans with my mom. I could have declined the emergency errands. I could have not taken a nap and not prepped food Sunday. Could have, could have, could have but didn’t, didn’t, didn’t. I don’t know if this is a litany of excuses, poor timing and circumstance, or a combination of the two.

The end result was:

Run: Twice, both on the road with my husband, for 6 miles in just over an hour. SIX. MILES. That’s it. I haven’t run that little since I was on vacation last August.

Bike: Twice, both on the trainer, for what my Edge tells me was 27.59 miles in 2 hours, 15 minutes. At least I had a bit of success here.

Total: Four sessions for about 3:17.

No yoga, no barre, no swimming, no pre-hab, no nothing else. This is not how to prep for a spring race. This is not how to lose a few extra pounds. This is not how to keep building strength. Hell, this is barely meeting the American Heart Association’s recommendations for physical activity. I am a triathlete and marathoner, for pete’s sake – I laugh in the face of “30 minutes of exercise a day.”

Logically, I know getting mad at myself won’t solve anything. There’s nothing I can do but try to do better this week. I’m already off to a good start with a run. Let’s see how far I can get.

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