Thursday, April 6, 2017

New bike toys!

First ride with my new toys!
I bit the bullet and ordered a Garmin Edge 25 with a speed and cadence sensor. I got all my goodies and set them up for a ride today.

It's embarrassing how slow it was, if it's anything close to real life. But having all this data for an indoor ride is so, so cool. I will probably eventually sign up for Training Peaks, although shooting for a goal cadence and speed was challenging enough. And now I have a baseline for improvement -- you can't improve what you can't measure, right?

When I got off the bike the Edge alerted me that I had set a bunch of new records. Haha! Thanks, Edge.

I hope to use this as a tool to get better, stronger and faster. Right now I just want to play with my new toys on the bike, so I'm going to roll (ba dum tss) with the motivation while it's there.

Ride on!


  1. I wouldn't worry about speed when riding indoors too much - lots of threads on ST main page about why it's irrelevant. That said, if you think of it as a relative measure rather than an absolute one, you can see the improvements.

    1. Totally! It definitely FELT harder than 12.2 mph outside. I don't care so much what the numbers are right now, just improving them! =)
      There is something to be said about numbers right in your face not allowing you to slack off. I definitely pushed harder than previous rides.

    2. It's already working if you're pushing harder! I love having numbers because I am terrible at judging by RPE (I am a total slacker).