Thursday, March 30, 2017

(Probably) March's running total

Still nothing to sneeze at.
It looks like I'll net out at 75 running miles for March.

I had wanted to do 100, but since a significant number of runs this month were slower and shorter runs with my husband, I lost mileage here and there. Eh, I'm really not even mad about it. I still got out and running, which was more important. And I'm not planning on doing 25 tomorrow, ha.

Plus, it's still significantly higher than last year, when I was still building back. And I am grateful that my body can handle this kind of mileage again.

I do want to kick it up for April, though. Can I hit 1,200 this year? Can I beat my record of 1,313? It'll depend on how healthy I am and how my body cooperates, of course.

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