Saturday, March 18, 2017

A whole lot of nothing so far this weekend

I have been a big, lazy blob so far this weekend.

Last night there was a lot of this:
Cuddling with the mutts.
And this morning there was this:
Yummy breakfast out.
Later there was more of this:

Scratch my belly, Mommeh.
I did try a new recipe today, so I guess that's something?
Cashew, onion, garlic, sweet potato, nutritional yeast "cheese" dip. It's good!
And I did make this amazing dinner:
Roasted chicken, broccoli, butternut squash, and wine. Delicious!
But other than a nice, long walk with the mutts and walking around the farmer's market, I haven't done squat for activity today.

Oh, well. I did get lots of relaxation and dog-bonding time in. And some time with my husband, too, I guess. =)

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