Thursday, March 2, 2017

Week in review February 20-26: Final taper and lots of racing!

93% of the time, I run every time.
I realize it’s Thursday of the following week, but I’m doing a quick week in review anyway for posterity’s sake. #dontjudge

The week was obviously running-heavy with two final shakeout runs, losing a day to travel, and the four races that made up the Gasparilla Ultra Challenge weekend. I did manage a few minutes of yoga and glute exercises on Monday evening while starting Chef’s Table on Netflix.

By the numbers, it worked out to be:

Run: Six times, once on the treadmill and five times on the road (four of those races), for a total of 38.73 miles in a bit longer than 7 hours.
  1. WOW, that’s a lot of running! It has to be my highest mileage week in at least a year and a half, the last time I was doing marathon training. I know the 30+ miles is the most I’ve ever run in a weekend, since I don’t run the day before or after my marathons.
  2. Yes, that’s a slow average – it works out to about 10:55 minute miles. BUT, I’m OK with that. My solo races were in the 10:40 range, which was about what I was expecting with very slow starts and easy paces through the end. My last shakeout run and the other two races were with my husband, and we averaged about a 12:00 pace. I was in this for fun, not speed!
Yoga: One quick solo session (20 minutes). I know I should have done more after my races, but I was busy hanging out with my sister and doing Florida things.

Pre-hab: One 15-minute session. Sadly, this is the most I’ve spent on pre-hab in months, but I need to fit in these quick sessions more often if I want to keep running. I’m not a spring chicken anymore.

Total: 8 sessions in about 7:38.

It’s about what I expected for a race week. This week will be easy activity as I get back into the swing of things. I’m sure I’ll be bitten by another race bug before too long.

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