Thursday, March 23, 2017

Random thoughts about time limitations

There’s a meme floating around about how you need to “choose two” of the college experience: Good grades, social life, sleep. Meaning you’ll have time for two, but not all three. (I went with grades and social life, living off a steady diet of Mountain Dew and catnaps.)
Apparently, this is a thing: Randi Zuckerberg said pretty much the same thing a few years ago. Pick three: work, sleep, family, fitness, friends. My three are usually work, family and fitness, but sometimes work, family and friends.

Yesterday I felt like I was living a version of that. Choose five: Sleep, work, grocery shop, cook a healthy dinner, prep food for the next day, walk the dogs, run. I skipped the run and a full night’s sleep. I can’t skip work, obviously. The grocery shopping/cooking/prepping kind of go together to make sure I can, you know, eat. Husband was working late so I had evening dog-walking duty. And poof, it’s 10 p.m. and I’m crabby and need to go to bed.

There’s also a meme going around about how we have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce, but I’m pretty sure Beyonce doesn’t need to work a 9 to 5, do her own grocery shopping, walk her own dogs, cook and prep her own meals, make her own appointments, etc. etc. etc. either. Not being able to do it all can be a real downer sometimes.

But, when I was feeling down yesterday about not being able to do it all, something else happened that made me feel like a badass. Making small talk before a meeting officially started, I discovered no other person in my meeting (all women) knew how to swim. Yeah, I’m not a very good swimmer, but I do know how to swim, I swim in a pool occasionally, I swim in a lake very occasionally, and I race in a lake very very occasionally.

When you think about it, how many people have the guts to actually to swim in a lake as part of a competition? I left feeling a little better about myself.

It's been another long day of work, errands, running, and cooking, and it's past my bedtime, but at least I got to run today. =)

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