Monday, March 13, 2017

Week in review March 6-12: Some running, lots of other

A bit of everything.
Nothing really exciting happened this week, so I didn’t have anything to write about. Sorry, I’m just that boring.

I did have a decent week of training, however. I’m back running more regularly and did a 10-miler yesterday, and I got a decent amount of pre-hab in, as well. I have yet to make it the pool, though. I am trying, really trying, to get myself excited to go this week. I had good intentions to go today, but as the day went on I got more and more sniffly, and the roads got worse and worse with a snowstorm, so I'm staying inside on my butt.

One thing I did do last week was go to another runner’s workshop. This one was much more active – we did a bunch of core and glute exercises good for runners. I was hilariously bad at kneeling on one knee with the other foot directly in front, making a straight line. I absolutely could not stay upright! I definitely have to work on building up those balancing muscles.

By the numbers, this past week was:

Run: Three times, all on the treadmill, for 20 miles in about 3 hours, 14 minutes. This worked out to be two steady-state 5-milers and a building 10-miler, and I watched a lot of Orange is the New Black.

I got to leave after a half day at work Friday and I really had good intentions to squeeze in another run in the afternoon, but the wind was bitingly cold, and I took some time to relax with the mutts and do some reading, and by then I didn’t want to. Oh well. Rest day it was.

Now that I’m two weeks out of my ultra challenge weekend, I'm looking forward to rotating in a few more speed workouts. Hopefully the weather will cooperate; it is supposed to warm up to the 40s this weekend and the 50s after that. Hurray!

Weights: Two sessions, one barre class and one of my own heavy/body weight routine, for a total of about 2 hours, 20 minutes. I was less sore this week after pullups and squats, so I’ll take that as a good sign.

Pre-hab: One runners’ clinic and two more solo sessions for about 1 hour, 10 minutes. This was mostly static clams with a resistance band, sideways walks with a resistance band, planks, some static squats, and the aforementioned terribly executed one-knee balancing things.

Yoga: Two solo sessions for about 45 minutes total.

Bike: One 30-minute session to warm up for Saturday’s weight workout. I think I am ready to start working back into the routine real cycling workouts.

Total: 11 sessions in a hair less than 8 hours. Not bad.

But more importantly than the number of sessions or hours, this week checked off a lot of the loose goals I set for myself for March:

Run 100 miles – 28 down, 72 to go, so I may or may not make it. Surprisingly, NOT running 20-30 miles every weekend doesn’t help with this goal!

Plan and start building for a spring half-marathon – my husband and I have a race in mind, but haven’t signed up yet.

Practice yoga twice per week – SUCCESS THIS WEEK!

Lift weights twice per week – SUCCESS THIS WEEK!

Do glute exercises three times per week – SUCCESS THIS WEEK!

Work swim and bike back into the schedule – Half successful: I did for the bike but not the swim.

So, not bad. I expect this coming week to be weird with cold weather and St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans, although I plan on enjoying the extended evening daylight – even if my brain is still an hour behind for a while.


  1. That bending on one knee thing sounds tough - is the heel of your front foot up against the other knee?

    1. No, it's a foot or so in front -- think both knees at a 90-degree angle. Because they're in the same line/plane you use a LOT of your core staying steady.