Tuesday, September 5, 2017

August in review: Lots of running, little bits of other stuff

Rough hours trained in August.
I’ve been putting off doing a summary for August because I’m not very happy with how the month shook out. I hit 100 running miles again, but I feel like every other goal kind of fell off. I had not one, but TWO weeks where the only workouts I did were some runs.

I had a few days of slacking off, sure, but contributing to that was an out-of-town wedding one weekend and another week with multiple evening work events. And, you know, doing other adult stuff like cooking, walking the dogs, trying to get a decent night’s sleep occasionally, etc.

If there is a silver lining, my overall run pace increased slightly. I ran 100.1 miles in July at a 9:44-ish overall pace. The 100 miles I ran in August were at a 9:38-ish overall pace. I ran fewer times with my (slower) husband, which can probably account for most of that, but it still feels good to see. I also had my fastest run in a year early in the month, which I have mixed feelings about, but at least I am seeing something tangible.

I didn’t fare so well on my other goals, though:

Run 100 miles – Completed!

Lift twice per week most weeks – I only lifted 3 rounds of weights in 4 parts (1 barre class, 1 video, and 1 round of my heavy/body moves over two days). Blech.

Bike outside at least three times – I did this twice which wasn’t terrible, considering my weekend lost to the wedding. Sadly, I got on the trainer only 2 other times, though. Blech.

Use my new swim toys to get comfortable in the pool again – I did this, kind of! I swam once, on the 31st (hey, it still counts) and felt fine, no cramps or panicking. I don’t know if it counts as “getting comfortable again” but at least it was something.

Actually do yoga – I only did yoga twice, so mostly a Blech.

Actually do glutes/core/prehab – Nope. Blech.

PR my 5K – I actually didn’t race at all in August, but I’m sure there will be 5Ks aplenty once the weather turns a bit cooler.

Do some baking – I did make a strawberry crisp and a peach crisp and both were amazing.

Relax, catch up on my shows, read, and learn a new crochet stitch – I didn’t do much relaxing or reading and didn’t crochet at all. I did catch up on House of Cards and am mostly done with Chef’s Table.

I also spent time with family, worked in the garden, and hung out with friends. Those might not have been actual goals but that’s important, too.

So, I’m pretty much copying all my goals from August to try to hit in September. I need to keep being judicious with my time and not beat myself up for not doing 4,286 things per day. And enjoy myself once in a while, too.

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