Monday, September 11, 2017

Week in review Sept. 4-10: Ride, run, repeat

I wish there were more slices, but not bad overall.
It wasn’t a terrible week. Partly because I had the day off work for Labor Day, I managed one workout every day and two on Sunday. That worked out to four runs, three rides, and one weights video.

I don’t remember why I did a trainer ride instead of a run on Monday; I probably needed to do something brainless before doing my food prep for the work week. It was rainy and/or cool for my Tuesday and Wednesday runs, which were a bit on the speedy side (for me) for being easy. During my run Wednesday, I split all my miles within 6 seconds of each other! I couldn’t do that again if I tried.

I decided to go out for only an hour Sunday rather than try a long run. I’m not training for anything and I wanted to squeeze in a weights video, since I hadn’t done any other lifting all week. My runs ended up being a very boring 4 x 6.25 miles, with total times all within 2.5 minutes.

With that extra trainer ride done this week, I actually biked longer than I ran. It worked out to two sessions of TrainerRoad intervals and one road ride that was (sadly) my fastest in more than a year. (More to come on that later.) I feel the same way about the odd fast-for-me ride as I do about the odd fast-for-me run: a combination of elation that I’m getting faster, sadness that I’m so much slower than I was a few years ago, and discouragement that I’ve been training for so long and am still middle of the pack at best.

The rest of the week was mostly boring except for getting breakfast and hanging out with my Mom on Labor Day, and hanging out with some friends and their 2-year-old on Saturday evening. Since he likes to copy and repeat everyone I tried to teach him some amazing dance moves, including the worm. Yes, video exists and no, I won’t be posting it. =)

By the numbers:

Bike: Three times, twice on the trainer and once on the road, for 35 road miles and 58 total “miles” in a bit longer than 4 hours.

Run: Four times, all on the road, for 25 miles in almost exactly 4 hours.

Weights: One 65-minute video.

Overall: Eight sessions in about 9 hours, 11 minutes.

Of course I wish I had the time for a swim, some yoga, and some pre-hab but it wasn’t a shabby week and I’m glad I did something every day.

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