Monday, June 30, 2014

Week in review 23-29 June -- What are my excuses? Let me count the ways

I knew this week was going to be a wash since I was out of town on a work trip for the first half, but still — Ugh.

We had a personal thing take up more of the day than expected Saturday, and had an afternoon thing with friends on Sunday, so... weekend training was pretty spotty, too. Throw in some thunderstorms and me feeling sick Sunday night and I was feeling pretty lucky to get in any training at all. I feel like I'm just providing a litany of excuses at this point.

The plus side is that I am feeling better and had a killer swim this morning, and got to swim in a new-to-me pool this weekend.

Swim: Twice for a total of about 1.5 hours. Once at my usual pool, and then once at a new-to-me outdoor pool after I got restless just lounging in the sun with my drink. ☺

Bike: Two trainer sessions of an hour an a half each, for 3 hours total.

Run: One easy run of about 50 minutes.

Other: Nothing.

Total: About 5.5 hours.

Nothing to write home about, so we'll call it a stepback week and move on. It's a new week and almost a new month, so all I need is a new attitude to match, right?

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