Friday, June 13, 2014

A great training day and an agonizing stress headache

After a slow start to the week, I had a great training day Wednesday. I put in a good 2400 meters in the pool to kick off the day, and after work I took one of my mutts out for an easy-ish 3 miles before doing a weights video.

Unfortunately, yesterday (Thursday) didn't go as well. I got a decent bike trainer ride in during the morning, but a situation in the evening took up the time I had hoped to get my run in. And by then, I was so frustrated I just wanted to go to bed anyway.

Then, to add insult to injury, at about 1 a.m. I woke up to what felt like someone driving a spike in the back of my head. Adjusting my position wasn't helping -- this was a serious tension headache. I ended up waking up my husband to help me try to work a knot out of my shoulder, which I suspected was the culprit. Although the pain was making me almost lose my dinner, I was able to choke down an ibuprofen and eventually fell asleep sitting up with the non-knot side of my head against a pillow.

The funny part about me getting up in the middle of the night was that both of my dogs tried to sit with me. My head hurt so bad I couldn't even pet them, but I was touched that they tried to snuggle with me when I wasn't feeling well.

After all that, there was no way I was waking up early and hitting the pool this morning. I'm still a little tight and sore today but otherwise doing OK.

So this makes two morning workouts I have slept through this week: One because of an antihistimine-induced coma, and one because of a tension headache. This isn't boding well for my race training coming up.

Sigh. Hopefully I can make up for some of it this weekend.

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