Friday, June 6, 2014

A late and laughably short May in review

It wasn't my best month, training-wise, although there was a decent first race of the season mixed in there. I kind of checked out at the end of the month with wanting to take a few days off, my family in town for Memorial Day, and preparing to go out of town myself.

Swim: 20,150 meters, just more than 12.5 miles. That included nine pool swims and two open-water swims -- one practice and one race. A bit low from last month, although I see I nailed all of my weekday swims less one canceled for thunderstorms.

Bike: Nine sessions on the indoor trainer and three times on the road, including one race, which adds up to almost 19 hours -- an increase from last month. Again, consistent weekday rides, but this month with the added bonus of actually being able to take my bike outside. Those three outdoor sessions add up to just less than 99 miles -- ugh! I would have taken my bike up and down the street had I known I was so close to an even hundred.

Run: 67.7 miles over 13 runs, including two long, 3 brick, only 1 speed (ugh), 6 easy, and 1 race. That's less than a run every other day. Ugh. That is not sustainable if I want to have decent races this summer and fall.

Other: I tapered off at the end of the month more severely in this case -- all of my "other" was in the first seven days of May. Still, I did manage two weights videos, one session of heavy weights, one plyo session, one yoga session, and one pre-hab session. I mean, I guess one of each is better than zero, but I need to be doing these aspects of my training more than once per month. I also logged one long dog walk because I can.

Excepting the last week and a half of the month, it wasn't bad.

I feel refreshed and ready to put some serious hours in to train for what's next on my to-do list: an open-water mile and maybe, just maybe, my first 70.3. Now, if only work and life will cooperate so I can commit the time.

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