Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June in review: PDRs and travels

I'm hard on myself when it comes to training, but I have to remember that I was out of town for nearly half of the month of June and that greatly limited what I could do.

So yes, my numbers are on the low side, but I still got in some good workouts.


Swim: 15,750 meters, which works out to just less than 10 miles. In all that was 8 swims, 7 in the pool and 1 in open water. This included a new PR for my 300 meter time.

Bike: I was consistent with my indoor, weekday trainer rides, and I logged 103.03 miles on the road, too -- including a 46-mile-and-change-mile road ride, which I'm sure is a personal distance record. I'm still not to the speed or comfort level I would like to be at on the bike, but I'm getting there.

Run: Probably the most disappointing for me. I only logged 46 miles, all on the road.

Other: I lifted weights or did a weights video three times, which is OK but not terrible. I did a small bit of plyo and pre-hab, and some stretching but no formal yoga. So, room for improvement, but I got a few sessions in here and there.

I have no out-of-town trips planned for July... yet... so I am shooting for consistency and continuing to build this month. Here we go!

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