Monday, July 14, 2014

Week in review 7-13 July: I biked and ran my @$$ off


But I didn't swim at all. Ugh.

On the bright side, it was a great, great week for biking and running. I hit my longest distance on the bike ever, 55 miles, and had a five-day run streak in there, too.

Swim: Nothing. I took Monday off, on Wednesday the pool was closed, and I barely slept Thursday night before my planned Friday swim. This makes me not happy.

Bike: Two weekday trainer rides of 1.25 hours each, and my longest road ride ever for 55 miles in just shy of 3.5 hours. And the only body part that really hurt afterward was my hands because I am still too chicken to get into aero. I'm working on that. Overall, this was almost 6 hours in the saddle.

Run: A couple of easy runs, two runs with pickups (miles and quarter miles), a quick brick and a long run of 16.25 miles, my longest for this marathon cycle so far. In all this was 39.25 miles in 6.5 hours of running, which is an excellent week for me. Plus, I ran every day from Wednesday through Sunday, ranging from a 2-mile brick to that 16.25-mile long run.

Other: An hour-long weights video, some pre-hab exercises, and a dog walk.

Overall: Nearly 14.5 hours, which is another excellent week for me. Man, if I would have gotten one or two swims this would have been my best training week in history. Oh, well.

Less than 6 weeks until my first 70.3. The hammer is down.

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