Friday, July 11, 2014

Swim: 0, Life: 3

Swimming has been losing out lately. I usually swim Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at the pool and some Saturdays at the lake, but I haven't been in the water since my race last Sunday.

Monday: I took a day off from the pool after my race. Understandable.

Wednesday: My usual pool was closed for an event all morning. I didn't find out about this until Tuesday afternoon, and NOT from my pool (thanks a lot, pool), so I didn't have the chance to finagle my schedule in time, either. I'm still kind of grumpy about this.

Friday (this morning): I got a lousy night's sleep, waking up about 100 times here and there. So when I woke up just before my 5:10 alarm, I tried to sit up, got that exhausted head-rush feeling, and decided, "No." Then fell back asleep for another hour and a half. So, I feel it was the right decision.

Still, I hate having to choose between sleep and training. Yesterday I worked a full day, then ran, then hit the grocery store, so I didn't even get home to start dinner until 8:30. I was in bed by a still-impressive 10 p.m., and I don't see how it was humanly possible that I got to bed earlier, unless I skipped dinner — not an option after running 6 miles.

Oh well. At least I'm rested and ready for a weekend of, hopefully, good training.

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