Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Running re-build check-in: Going the distance

187 miles last July was more than I could handle, but I'm slowly building back.
Building back my running from zero last fall, after I threw out my SI joint and had IT band inflammation in both legs at alternative times, has been a labor of love.

Yes, sometimes I am frustrated that I am “only” doing long runs of 7-8 miles when, at this time last year, I had a good base of a 10- to 12-mile long run several times a month; was about to start bumping mileage up for fall marathon training; and a run pace beginning with an 8 was a fast run, not a momentous occasion. But running 2-4 times a week is still pretty good. Running 5-8 miles at a time is still pretty good. Running anything under a 10-minute mile pace is still pretty good (for me).

Plus, I’m not gonna lie. Going out for “only” an hour run, without having to plan out the whole day to accommodate it, has been amazing.

I haven’t ruled out a fall marathon yet. I just sketched out a mileage plan, and if I continue to increase one mile at a time until a long run of 12, then increase by 2 miles every other week, I could actually get in three or four 20-milers before the Freep marathon in October. BUT, that depends on a lot of things, mainly how my body reacts to increasing mileage again.

I wouldn’t be opposed to bagging a fall marathon, or doing a half, and ramping up later for the Gasparilla Distance Classic in Florida in February. I’m overdue to visit my sister there. And what could be more fun than running a 15K and 5K one day, and a half marathon and 8K the next? It certainly would be a new challenge.

Right now, my attitude toward increasing distance is “Go slowly, and wait and see.” Boring? Yes. Smart? I hope so.

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