Monday, June 6, 2016

Week in review May 30-June 5: Back on track, kind of

About a third bike, a third run, and a third swim and other.
I got partially settled back into my routine last week. I didn’t do any traveling, and I had Monday off for Memorial Day. Instead of making it a long training day and trying to deal with biking around the nutso crowds at the state park, I did all my food prep and errand-running then.

I did play hooky one weeknight and slept in a bit later than I should have on Saturday, and I didn’t get in as much swimming and biking as I hoped I would. But overall, especially since my running was on point, I consider this week a mild success.

Swim: Once, in the pool, for about 1750 yards in WAY longer than it should have taken. This non-success wasn’t totally my fault. I drove to my favorite pool Monday morning right when the gym opened at 8 a.m. for the holiday, BUT found the pool closed! Nooooo! And I swam after my run Friday evening, BUT the pool by my office was so grossly warm I had to take a few breaks and do some kickboard sets just so I wouldn’t barf. Sigh. I guess I could have rearranged my schedule to fit in another swim, BUT… I didn’t.

Bike: Twice, once on the trainer for 1:15, and once on the road for 33.5 miles in a smidgen under 2 hours. I played hooky one usual trainer night to go out to dinner and enjoy a nice night outside with my husband. And I would have liked to go longer for my road ride, but morning distractions (sleeping in, making breakfast, hitting the farmers market) meant I clipped in and rolled out almost exactly two hours before the road opened again to traffic. So, two hours was what I did. It was neither my best nor worst average speed for that route, and I felt like I was working pretty hard most of my ride, so I’ll consider it a success.

Run: I am thrilled with my runs this week! After I drove to the pool to find it closed Monday, I headed right out for a run. That set me up for an every-other-day schedule, which means I ran FOUR times this week, all on the road, for a total of 23.25 miles in about 3.75 hours.

In the interest of total disclosure, I did feel a few twinges in my knee on Sunday. I think it was the result of a bike ride the day before and consistent running for the first time in a while. It wasn’t painful, and the discomfort went away after a quarter mile or so. But I will be keeping a watchful eye on it to make sure it doesn’t get worse than a twinge.

Weights: Once through my heavy/bodyweight routine in two sessions, for about 1 hour total.

Pre-hab: Hips and glutes in separate sessions, for about 1 hour total.

Yoga: One session stretching mostly hamstrings and hips for about 20 minutes.

Total: 12 sessions in about 10 hours, 10 minutes. Not too shabby!

I haven’t signed up for any races yet this season, but I want to do the open water mile and Aquathon I do every year over Independence Day weekend. If I want to have any success at that I need to start getting in the pool more than once a week. Hopefully, I can put closed and overheated pools behind me and get some laps in between now and race day.

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