Sunday, June 5, 2016

May in review: Craptastic swim, meh bike, good run

Well, May wasn't great. I didn't have any races on the calendar to motivate me, and I went out of town a couple times. As a result, I wasn't setting any training records.

I only got to the pool a few times, and I didn't ride my bike a whole lot. But I did have success with running. I built my mileage from April without any IT band pain, got a bit of speed in here and there, and overall enjoyed running outside in the warm weather.

Anyway, May shook out to be:
Swim totals by week and month.
Swim: Four times, all in the pool, for about 5 miles total (according to Daily Mile) in about 3.5 hours. This was two fewer times than last month and a lot fewer meters. Like the title says, craptastic. I DID try a new-to-me pool in there somewhere, so it's not all terrible.

Bike road mile totals by month.
Bike: Five times all month, four on the trainer and once on the road, for about 7.5 hours total. This was less than half of what I did for April. Ugh! However, I did get outside, so there's that.
Runs by week this month, and months this year.
Run: This is the only discipline I feel I had any success in this month. I built my total mileage to 40, my highest month since September, with minimal IT band pain. I still don't have any "speed" speed, but my average pace is starting to drop a little bit. Plus, I managed 6.5 hours of running all month, an increase of about an hour and a half. So, finally, Yay! A victory!

I also lifted weights twice, did yoga twice, and did pre-hab once. A big drop from April.

I know I was out of town twice, but I am still feeling pretty discouraged about these low numbers. To make myself feel better, I made of list of things I DID accomplish this month:

- I threw a mini-surprise party for my mom’s birthday

- I had a role in a successful special event at work

- I ate and danced with friends for a birthday

- My husband and I took a significant step forward in our side business

- I took a mini-vacation with my husband to celebrate our anniversary

- I took a road trip to spend the weekend with friends

- I swam in a new-to-me pool

- I rode my bike outside (and was grateful for the fresh air and beautiful day)

- I prepped healthy food to eat during the week and on our road trips

So, while I may not have made huge gains in swim, bike and run, I wasn't a total failure this month. I need to put this behind me and start working on making June great.

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