Monday, September 21, 2015

I had to cut short my long run yesterday. =(

But I had pancakes anyway.
I was looking forward to my long run yesterday. It was "only" a step back week of 12, I had gotten to bed at a reasonably early hour for a Saturday night, and I had bribed myself with pancakes on my return.

I got about a mile in and the outside of my right knee started feeling twinge-y. Was it just tight? Would it loosen up? I kept going, slowly and cautiously. It got worse. I stopped to stretch. It didn't help. I called it quits at mile 2.25 and limped home, defeated. And you're darn right, I ate the pancakes anyway.

I'm not sure what to make of it. Of course I don't want to actually injure myself, but I do want to run this marathon in a month. First thing on the agenda is to rest the stupid thing for a few days. Then maybe try a few easy miles and see what happens. I had run three easy the day before, so maybe I need to be taking at least every other day off running? Maybe it was inflamed from the weights video I had done the day before?

Either way, it's frustrating and I'm annoyed I have to deal with it! Ugh!

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