Sunday, September 6, 2015

New shoes! And, it's not fall weather yet

I'm not dead! I have been trying to catch up on all those little life things that pile up with you're busy training all day.

I finally picked up my new shoes. I had to special order them to my local running store because I have ginormous feet and don't like the color pink, which was all they had in stock. I am looking forward to having cushioning to absorb my run stride OTHER than my poor joints.

Fall is not here yet. It was nice and cool for a few days, and then summer came back with a vengeance. Several times this week by the time I hit the running trail it was well into the 90s. Thursday evening, I played "race the storm" and lost. (And got wet.) This morning, it was cool, but the relative humidity was ridiculous. Pick your poison.

I had a work event Wednesday evening followed by a personal commitment, I got my hair cut after work Friday, and yesterday my mom was in town and I didn't feel like doing much. So it won't be a very high-volume week. Plus, I'm putting off my long run until tomorrow, since I don't have to do anything else that day if I don't feel like it. So, don't expect any amazing weeks in review any time soon.

I'm still plodding along and stretching, and my back is feeling better but not great. As long as I can keep re-building slow mileage before marathon day I'll try not to panic. But it's getting down to the wire and, not gonna lie, I'm getting nervous. I'm starting to have the conversation with myself about what's acceptable to me and what's not -- walking? a personal worst? switching to the half? -- but I'm going to put off any big decisions until after my next couple long runs.

For now, I'm going to relax and enjoy the long weekend. Happy Labor Day to my American friends!

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