Thursday, September 10, 2015

I'm having trouble adulting lately

Light week so far. Ugh.
You'd think that with the short week this week I'd be in a great mood, but I've been down the last week or so. It's been one of those weeks where nothing seems to be going right.

The good news is my back is feeling better. But I haven't had much chance to actually run. Monday was a brutal 13 miles in ridiculous humidity. Tuesday night I had an errand that lasted longer than expected, and Wednesday I had a different personal commitment. I did have to stay late at work today, but I was going to run come hell or high water! My 6.5 actually went well.

I was excited to take my smaller dress pants out of the closet a month or so ago. Sadly, I just had to put them back and get the bigger pants out again. Getting down to race weight is not going well. WHY are french fries so delicious?

I am discouraged because I am not making progress on my to-do list. I was thrilled that my husband and I started installing shelves in the living room that had been laying around for at least a year. A week later and we've installed ... that one shelf. I need to make doctor appointments, spend a good few hours in the garden, even sew a button on a shirt. I just can't seem to find the time.

And I'm worried about my upcoming marathon. Do I try to re-build back to 20? Do I take a shorter taper if it means I do another 20-miler two weeks before? Do I settle for another 18-miler and hope for the best? I'm 99% sure a sub-4 is out of the question, but should I try for a PR?

Gah! Sometimes I wish I was a kid again, when the biggest worries of my day was what was for lunch and who would play with me on the jungle gym. Now I have to worry about silly things like spending 8 hours of my day at a job and my body getting more decrepit. Getting old is no fun!

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