Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pick your poison

 or ?

It was quite an interesting long run today. I really didn't feel like getting on the treadmill -- it's been kind of jumpy, like the belt lags for half a second and then speeds up, which has been bothering my knee that doesn't have any cartilage left anyway.

But I also didn't feel like dealing with 21 mph winds with gusts up to 34 mph. What to do? In the end, my desire to be out in the fresh air and sunshine won out. A few layers later and I was enjoying a windy run as much as as I could.

I did laps in a route around my neighborhood, which made it interesting. Running north and east was fine. Running south and west was another story. The wind was something else -- I felt it pushing me back and even pushing my legs to the side as they were in the air. I debated just running north as far as I could and calling for a ride home. There was one major gust that made me a bit nervous and start looking around for tornadoes.

After 12 miles, I made it home safely, a bit blown around but no worse for the wear. My lab mix, remembering that I took her out at the end of a run a few weeks ago, was thrilled because obviously me coming home wearing running clothes means a run for her! I was too tired to really run any more by then, but she pulled me sled dog-style down the block so insistently that I gave in and jogged around the block with her until she pooped. Next time I'll come home a mile early and take her out with me for a bit.

Even though it was a bit windy, a long run out in the sun and fresh air is not a bad way to end the week.


  1. Given the speed I run it usually results in a fast walk for my lab mix, so I don't worry too much about limiting his miles. He joins me for pretty much any run under 5 or 6 miles, though he does wear a pinch collar as a normal choke collar wasn't enough to dissuade him from trying to play with every dog and or kid we pass. He just turned one and thinks every animal or person we pass is his best friend :)

    1. Ha -- Daisy does pretty well with anything in the 3-4 mile range. We joke that she only pulls for the first 5 or 6 miles. She thinks every other dog or person we encounter is her enemy but she doesn't mind them so much after a few miles. =)