Friday, March 27, 2015

March's 1000-meter time trial

January, February, and March 1000-meter time trials.
I'm calling it a push.

I was thrilled with the improvement from January to February -- dropping a full four minutes to go from a 2:33/100 pace to a 2:09/100 pace -- considering I was just regularly getting back in the pool, adding meters here and there, adding an extra day here and there, etc.  I was hoping for more of that awesome improvement from February to March, but I'm not disappointed to see that I slowed down by 26 seconds, which works out to a mere 0:02 per 100. I mean, that's only half a second slower per length.

I've been swimming more than ever this past month, but I was on vacation last week and didn't even look at my suit. Did that affect me? Probably. Would I have given up vacation to get those 2 seconds back? Heck, no!

All in all, I'm happy with the results. If nothing else, I'm consistent, and my work is holding me at a steady pace in the water.

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