Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Back in the saddle -- and tired, sore and crabby

Lots of training these past few days.
I hit the ground running this week to take advantage of the last bit of free time I'll have during the day before my new work schedule kicks in next week.

Sunday: Long treadmill run. I miss Florida weather.

Monday: Trainer ride followed by a swim.

Today: Long day -- trainer ride, followed by a weights video, followed by a short/easy run, followed by my plyo moves. Whew!

As a result, I'm tired, sore, hungry, and generally crabby. Hitting the bike twice in two days after a week off has left my quads pretty tender. And I probably shouldn't have swum a full 3200 meters yesterday, but I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity. Lord only knows how I'll feel tomorrow after the muscle soreness from my first weights workout in two weeks kicks in.

I've also don't think I've been eating enough. Sweets don't even sound good to me after mainlining ice cream all last week, so I've been fueling with bananas, sweet potatoes and orange juice in addition to my regular meat-and-vegetable meals. I was playing the blood sugar dance before I finally got to eat dinner tonight, and that's never a good idea.

But, I love doing all this work, even if I'm tired and sore as a result. And I'm hopeful all this hard work will pay off come race time.

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