Monday, February 16, 2015

Week in review February 9-15 -- swim, bike, run, freeze

Another decent week.
There was nothing spectacular about this week except that it was the first time in a while I made it to the pool three times. I started off strong and kind of tapered with Valentine's Day and general weekend laziness relaxation, but I still put in a good showing.

Swim: Three times this week, all in the pool, for about 3.5 hours total. I felt good all three times and have been swimming some decent times, so I'm happy with my progress so far.

Bike: Three times this week, all on the trainer, for about 4.75 hours total. Nothing special here, just steady pedaling. I'm really looking forward to taking my bike back on the road.

Run: 27 miles this week, all on the treadmill, because it was another freezing cold week of wind chills hitting as low as -28. No, thanks. It worked out to be four runs: one easy, one MMD, one speed and one LSD. I made the medium-distance run a wee bit faster and I increased the speed on my LSD a wee bit every few miles. Both felt fine.

Weights: One heavy/body session for about an hour.

Plyo: One 20-minute session after lifting weights.

Yoga: One 30-minute session this week.

Pre-hab: One round this week. This makes two for the month so far, which is the most I've done in a while -- ha!

Total: About 15.5 hours, a good week for me.

This week was a good balance of training, relaxing, and spending time with my husband for Valentine's Day. Yeah, I could have finished a bit stronger, but I feel good about the downtime, too. 

Also worth nothing about this week was that the time I spent swimming, biking and running was closer to equal than other weeks. I liked the extra time in the pool but I'm also looking forward to only swimming twice this week. I'll go back and forth between an extra bike and an extra swim, see how I feel, and re-evaluate.

So far, so good. On to the next week.

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