Monday, February 9, 2015

Week in review 2-8 February -- Biking like a maniac and some other stuff, too

Decent numbers across the board.
Fully 60% of my training time this week was spent biking or running.
It was a good training week. I added another session on the bike, was consistent with my running, and got some weights, yoga and even pre-hab in there, too. So, a bit of everything.

Swim: Twice this week, both in the pool, for about 2 and a quarter hours total. And one of those was a better-than-average session, so I'm happy.

Bike: I tried something different this week and added another training session for four sessions total. I know this is not groundbreaking for all you serious bikers out there, but I've been pretty steady on the bike three times a week for forever. The good news is, I didn't feel too sore or tired on the second day in a row. Plus, it was an extra hour overall, for 6 hours total, which may be the most I've ever spent on the trainer in a week.

Run: 30 miles this week in about 5 hours: three easy, one MMD, and one LSD. That included one brisk but wonderful run outside, followed by the next day by freezing rain. Puke. However, a 30-mile week is nothing to sneeze at in the off-season.

Yoga: Two 30-minute sessions this week for 1.5 hours total.

Weights: One heavy/body session and one weights video for about 2 hours total.

Plyo: Two 20-minute session after each of my weights sessions. It might be time to invest in a plyo box -- jumping up and down one step is getting to be easy, but jumping up and down two steps puts my klutzy life in danger.

Pre-hab: One round this week. So, at least I got one in this month! Ha!

Total: Almost 18.5 hours, which is an excellent week, especially for the off-season.

I'm very happy with how this past week shook out. This coming week, I'm going to try to swim three times instead of biking that extra time. Sadly, it's supposed to be freezing cold again all week, so I'm seeing more treadmill time in my future. I'm going to need another show to watch soon!

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