Monday, February 23, 2015

Week in review February 16-22 -- Main workouts done, but not much else

Bike, bike and bike some more.
Well, it wasn't a BAD week. The most important thing was that I nailed all my swim, bike and run workouts, even if the running was a little on the lighter side. It was another week with six hours on the bike trainer and gains in the pool, so that's good news overall.

My week shook out to:

Swim: Twice this week, both in the pool, for about 2 hours and 20 minutes total. I'm not lightning fast in the pool, but I was able to take a few seconds off my usual 100 meter leave interval and my overall 100 meter average was a few seconds faster. So while my individual times are nothing to write home about, my average times are consistently inching downward. I'll take it.

Bike: Four times this week, all on the trainer, for 6 hours total. This week all of my shorter rides were done to music and I tried to keep a higher-than-usual cadence to the beat, rather than zone out to yet another Netflix series (which is exactly what I did on my longer ride... no judgements, please). I felt sweatier and my legs were a bit more tired than normal, so that's good. We'll have to wait and see how I do on the roads to tell if this is helping or not.

Run: 26 miles this week, all on the treadmill, because it was YET ANOTHER freezing week of crazy cold wind chills. Schools were closed Thursday, Friday and today because of the cold. My runs worked out to two easy, one MMD and one LSD. I got into my usual Friday evening funk and just couldn't bring myself to do anything, let alone run. My Saturday easy run plans got superseded for an emergency shopping trip (ha) to prepare for my sister's wedding. It was actually supposed to be relatively warm on Saturday, but it never did get as warm as was predicted, so I don't feel that badly about missing the chance to run outside.

Weights: One video for just under an hour.

Plyo: One 20-minute session after lifting weights.

Yoga: Nothing this week.

Pre-hab: Nothing this week.

Total: Almost 14 hours, a pretty good week for me.

Even though I could have gotten a couple more runs done this week, the 26 miles I logged is still WAY above my usual for this time of year. I'm at 93 miles for the month which is already double what I logged last February. So, I can't be too mad at myself.

I would have liked to get in a few more "other" workouts, but it just didn't happen this week. I had to do some schedule shuffling, so I prioritized and put the focus on what was key.

Another week down, another week ahead. Back to the grind.


  1. I'm struggling to get my butt on the trainer 2 or 3x per week. I keep justifying it with the fact that my first big race of the year is the River Bank Run so I should be focused on running. I usually love winter, but this one has been particularly bad.

    1. Yes, I am ready for spring! I understand your struggle with your first race being a run =). I don't mind getting on the bike trainer because I don't have to go out in the cold!