Sunday, October 2, 2016

September in review: Lots of slow running and a little bit of other stuff

Run, run, run and lift occasionally.
September ended up about what I expected: Lots of slow running as I helped my husband get ready for his first half marathon, with a little bit of lifting and yoga in there occasionally.

I made my running goal of 75 miles as I continue to build. I think I'll try to get back into the 100-mile month range, but right now, I don't see any benefit to running more than that. Last time I was running high monthly mileage I ran myself straight into an injury, and it's taken me nearly a year to get to this point.

Most of that 75 miles is slower than average, as most of that is with my slower husband, but I'm not worried about that at all. I'm not training for anything speedy, anyway. After the half marathon in two weeks, I want to do a shorter, fun race in November, and then really start training for the Gasparilla Distance Classic, 30-odd miles over four races in two days. I see a lot of short, slow two-a-days in my future!

Like every single month, I wish I could have done more yoga, weights and pre-hab. I took to my mat and lifted weights three times each (really only twice for weights, as I had to break up my usual routine into two days) and only got on the bike once to warm up for lifting. I didn't get into the pool (meh) or do any pre-hab (bad!) at all.

For posterity, it was:

Bike: Only once, on the trainer, for 20 minutes to warm up for a weights workout.

Run: 13 times, 12 on the road and once on the treadmill, for 75 miles in about 14 hours. This works out to something like 11-minute miles, but most of these are with my husband and I was chasing the mileage goal, anyway. I'm still running no more often than every other day per week, but I think I can start working up to two on, one off soon.

Weights: 3 sessions of one round of my usual body/heavy weight exercises split up over two days and one barre class, for about 2:15 total. Not nearly enough! I would really like to lift weights twice per week, but I continue to struggle to find hours in the day.

Yoga: 3 self-guided sessions for about 1:30 total. Again, not nearly enough, but better than doing zero yoga last month.

I would like to build on this for October. I'd like to hit 80 running miles, and continue to prioritize weights and yoga as supplemental workouts. I need to get pre-hab back into the rotation. I'm not that concerned about getting back to swimming and biking just yet. Honestly, I am enjoying the break.

Run, run, run into October. Here we go!

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