Sunday, September 4, 2016

August in review: Run, lift, run, other

I'm a bit behind the times. It's been a busy few days with family being in town and the college football season starting. Today I dedicated most of the day to hitting up Costco and the grocery store with my mom in preparation for a monster barbecue with family tomorrow. Brats: check. Guacamole: check. Taco salad: check. We are ready!

Anyway, August was a decent month for running. My main success was hitting my goal of 70 miles. I also signed up to run the Detroit Free Press International Half Marathon with my husband, which should keep my training honest for the next few weeks. I had a few twinges in various joints, but, knock wood, ended the month without any overuse injuries.
Running over the last few months. I'm getting that mileage back up, slowly but surely.
It was an OK month for weight training: I lifted a total of four times, twice doing my own body weight/heavy weight routine, once to a video, and once in a barre class. I would have liked to do twice a week, but once a week is still more than what I had been doing.

Everything else got a "meh" for the month. I only swam once, as a recovery swim. I got on my bike twice, but both times were only to warm up for a weights workout. I didn't do any yoga or pre-hab. Meh. Now, to be fair, I was out of town for a good part of the month, so I wasn't expecting big numbers, anyway.

By the numbers, I ran 14 times, 11.5 on the road and 2.5 on the treadmill (I did the majority of one run on the road and finished up on the 'mill when it got dark), for 70 miles, in about 11 hours, 44 minutes. Even though the runs with my husband are a good 1:30-2:00 per minute slower than my solo runs, I enjoy doing them. Plus, I run enough on my own that it doesn't pull my average down TOO much. Ha!

My goals for September are to run 75 miles, keep lifting in a regular rotation, do some yoga, and continue to swim and bike occasionally. I also need to be better at prioritizing sleep and eating healthfully, including drinking more water. Easier said than done, but I'm getting there.

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