Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week in review Aug. 29-Sept. 4: Some running and some bumming around

Not pictured: Watching tennis and shopping.
Labor Day has passed and summer is unofficially over, sad face. It’s so depressing to look at the calendar and not see another day off until Thanksgiving, more than two months away. Ugh.

I did nothing useful over the long weekend except help my mom shop for a monster barbecue, sleep in, and eat tacos, twice (fresh on Saturday and leftovers on Sunday!). Detroit has a big labor history, especially with the big 3 car companies, and Bill Clinton was in town for a parade! But crowds and people in general annoy me so I kept to myself and went for a run.

Anyway, last week started off decently for training, with runs Monday and Wednesday and lifting weights with a bike warmup on Tuesday. My uncle was in town to pick up my cousin, who is attending college down the street from me (already going home on her first weekend – ha), so we hung out a bit and went out for burgers and fries. I could have worked out afterward, but eh… I don’t even remember what I did that night. I probably watched tennis and went to bed.

The laziness continued into Friday – I just ran some errands and watched more tennis after work – but my husband and I were up bright and early Saturday morning to go for a run before watching college football all day. I enjoy college football, but after a full day I was ready for a break. On Sunday the only training I did was walking around Costco and calculating cheapest prices for 16-count packs of bratwurst. I didn’t do a long run over the weekend, instead saving that for Labor Day, so that will skew numbers both this week and the next week.

By the numbers, it was:

Run: Three times, all on the road, for 13 miles in about 2 hours, 23 minutes. This is not a dig on my husband, but he is a slower runner than I, so 8 of these miles are at his pace. But, I don’t care, because I am not training for anything fast right now anyway.

Bike: Once for 20 minutes to warm up for a weights workout.

Weights: One round of my body/heavy routine (pullups, pushups, deadlifts, squats, abs, etc.) in about 1.25 hours. I hadn’t done this in 3+ weeks and the weights were heavier than I remember.

Total: 5 sessions in just less than 4 hours.

Of course I could have done better, but this worked out to running every other or every third day, with weights on an off day, so I can’t be too mad. Plus, I spent a lot of time with my family, so I shouldn’t complain too much. Maybe I could have watched a bit less tennis or college football but… oh well. On to the next week.

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