Monday, September 19, 2016

Week in review Sept. 12-18: Football and friends

Football games and barbecues not included.
Sorry I’ve haven’t been on here too much lately. I had a good start to the week last week, and then I got busy with plans with friends and family. How pesky!

Actually, I regret nothing. I took my cousin to a new-to-her brunch spot, went to our first college football game of the season, and ate delicious barbecue cooked by our friends. Blogging and all those boring everyday tasks like cleaning and cooking fell to the wayside, but clean houses are overrated anyway. We also had my parents’ dog all last week, which complicates dog-walking duties since I can handle two mutts at once but not three. He went home last night, to the great happiness of our own mutts, who now only have to share belly rubs and cuddles two ways instead of three.

Training-wise, it was an OK week with three runs, a tiny bit of yoga and a barre class:

Run: Three times, all on the road, for 19 miles in 3:27:34. This included one cool morning run with my husband, pacing him on his first double-digit long run, and one solo fast-ish run playing “beat the sunset.”

Weights: One barre class for about an hour. So much glute work! My booty hurt all the next day.

Yoga: My usual pigeon, bend, twists, etc. routine of about 20 minutes. I could have used 100 more of these!

Total: 5 sessions in about 4.75 hours.

I also did a lot of walking around to and from the football game and tried to do a bit of stretching here and there at work.

This week is going to be another tricky one as I have a work event Thursday evening and I’m going to my college homecoming all day Saturday. I see more early morning runs and quick weight workouts in my future. Hopefully I can keep it going all this week instead of petering out by the weekend. However, if my friend offers to cook us barbecue again, training is going to fall to the wayside along with cleaning and cooking. Yum!

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