Monday, September 12, 2016

Week in review Sept. 5-11: Run and run around

Not a bad running week.
It was a weird week. I’m looking back at my calendar, thinking, “What the heck did I DO all week???”, but I did manage four runs and some lifting. I had family in town Friday and Sunday and a very fun wedding of two friends Saturday, so I didn’t make it a priority to write a post. Sorry!

I got off to a good start being off work Monday for Labor Day and getting in a long run. I kept to an every-other-day running schedule and ran Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, too. So, my mileage is a little skewed this week with two “long” runs of 10 and 7 miles, Monday and Sunday.

I ran twice in the morning before work, but I didn’t do anything in the evenings. I grocery shopped and food prepped one night, and met with an attorney another night. WHEEEE! I honestly don’t even remember what I did Thursday. I think that was the night Serena lost? I probably watched that. Maybe I was abducted by aliens! Who knows? I don’t remember.

Anyway. By the numbers it turned out to be:

Run: Four times, all on the road, for 23 miles in about 4:18. Most of these were with my husband at about a 2:00/mile pace slower than my usual, but they have been fun and I don’t really care about speed right now anyway. My Monday long run was 3 miles with him followed by 7 miles on my own in the heat of the day. Whew!

Bike: Once, on the trainer, for 15 minutes to warm up for a weights workout.

Weights: One run-through of my usual body/heavy weight routine, in two sessions (I ran out of time to do abs on Saturday before the wedding), for about 1:15.

Total: 7 sessions (counting separate bike/weights on Saturday and run/abs on Sunday, for a total of 5 hours, 48 minutes. It’s an average of almost an hour a day with a day off, so I don’t think it’s THAT terrible. They’re not Ironman training numbers, but they are normal-person-staying-in-shape numbers, so I’ll take it.

I am sad that summer is almost over but am looking forward to not sweating quite so much during my runs, so that’s something to enjoy this coming week.

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