Monday, August 29, 2016

So, this happened.

I had no intention of signing up for a half marathon today.

My husband has wanted to do this race for a while, and has even signed up and DNSed in the past. He was hemming and hawing about it this year, and I actually tried to convince him against it considering his run fitness right now. But he's as stubborn as I am. And as he was signing up, I told him he better sign me up too.

So he did.

His goal is to make it through Canada and back without stopping to walk, which is about 8 miles. We can walk the rest if we have to. It's a great race, and there's nothing like running in your hometown. And although I've done the marathon four times, I've never actually done the half — or any open half! So this will be a new experience for me, too.

If nothing else, it will keep my training honest for the next six weeks.

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