Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week in review August 15-21: Walk, hike, jog

I did not climb this mountain.
I’m back in Michigan after a full day yesterday flying home, picking up the dogs, unpacking, and dealing with jet lag. I tried to tire myself out yesterday so I’d be able to go to sleep at a reasonable Michigan time; sadly, I didn’t have any luck and am now barely running on fumes.

California was awesome and I spent the majority of the time eating my way around San Francisco:
There was a LOT of this shoveled into my mouth.
My husband and I did go for two very easy runs in the wonderfully cool weather, but I didn’t do any real “training.” We did walk all over the city: One day my walking app recorded 11 miles! I did a LOT of walking up and down hills...
Up and down and up and down.
...and a good amount of easy-to-moderate hiking on the two days we visited Yosemite National Park. 
After the first day of hiking at Yosemite. These shoes were about to be rotated out anyway.
For the record:

Run: Twice, both on the road, for a total of 5 miles in just shorter than an hour. Just enough to justify bringing my running stuff!

I did see a bunch of people swimming in the bay – one person in just Speedo! No wetsuit! That water is freezing! – but I had no desire to join them.

I’m not going to stress about this low-volume week too much. I was moderately active most days, and for me, food and sightseeing will always take priority over workouts on vacation. I spent a few hours in the kitchen tonight for food prep and I have a work event tomorrow evening, so the rest of the week looks iffy, but after that I should be able to put in some decent workouts.

My main goal for August is to run 70 miles, to keep in line with a 5-mile increase each of these last few months, and as of today I have 9 days to run 26 miles. Can I do it? If I buckle down for the rest of the month, of course!
And a couple more pictures from Yosemite just because it was so incredibly beautiful.

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