Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week in review July 27-August 2: It's already Tuesday but my life is AAAAAAAAHHHH!!! right now

Lots of running! Decent swimming! Needs more biking.
I'm behind in, like, everything in my life right now, so why not review last week a few days late? I'm making myself take an actual lunch break today and get caught up on some personal stuff, and obviously this is most important. Ha!

Warning that this week is going to be crazy. My sister-in-law gets married in a few days and the week is jam-packed with wedding activities. And I have to get a 20-mile run and a 62-mile bike in there somewhere, too. Eeeek!

But let's look at last week before I freak out (again) about this coming week:

Swim: Twice in the pool and once in the lake for about 8,150 yards in about 3 hours, 12 minutes. Not going to sugar-coat this: My pool swims have sucked lately. I feel I'm getting slower and slower. I'm not sure how much progress I can make by changing it up 2.5 weeks from my big race, so I'm going to stick with my current plan for now and maybe try something new next cycle.

Bike: Twice on the trainer and one 50-miler on the road, for a total of about 5.25 hours in the saddle. My bike is improving in painfully slow 0.1 mph increments, so that's something, even though I haven't done a Monday evening recovery trainer ride in weeks. Like my swimming skills, I'm not sure how much good changing it up would do at this point, so I'll stick with what's kind of working for now. Oh, if only I had more time to ride, said every person, ever.

Run: I continue to not suck quite so badly at running. Last week I ran six times (every day but Monday), all on the road, for 47.5 miles in just less than 7.5 hours. My long run (a step back 12 this week) was a little slower than I'd like, but I had some decently-paced shorter runs in there, including a 6-mile brick after my 50-mile ride that felt surprisingly good. Plus, 47.5 miles is my biggest running volume week so far this cycle. I'm really hoping I have a solid base for some good races.

Other: Nothing. I should stop putting this in my updates because it reminds me every week that I haven't stretched, lifted or pre-habbed a thing.

Total: 12 sessions in just less than 16 hours -- a solid training week.

This coming week is all about the wedding extravaganza, fitting in what training I can, and, oh yeah, did I mention that my condo is STILL covered in drywall dust two weeks later? I literally have dust collecting dust. We have made progress, though -- we finally got rid of our crappy, falling-apart furniture, and I spent an hour folding a mountain of clean laundry, but we still have to get rid of a few things, mop up all the dust, and put the rooms back together. Finding new furniture and painting the odd leftover wall is WAY down the priority list.

Sorry if this sounds more manic than usual. Hopefully I'll be able to review July before the end of August -- no promises!

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